Been a busy month settling in to The Shed. To tell you the truth, we feel like we’ve lived here for years. The Far North of NZ is amazing. It’s the end of Autumn (or Fall) right now and it’s still warm during the day. T-shirt weather warm. Nights and mornings you get the warmer layers on though.

My friend down South tells me that they’ve had a dusting of snow, very strong NW winds and an earthquake. Not missing any of that! The Far North region does not get earthquakes we’re told or, if they do, the last one was decades ago. And speaking of NW winds – last week, the weather report said strong winds were expected. We battened down the hatches as they say; something we used to do down South. Along came the strong winds….a mild breeze. The farmer behind our property said yep, that’s as strong as they get.

Meanwhile, Zeph is very curious about a giant hole El Hubs has been digging. It’s a dog’s job to dig isn’t it?! The giant hole is our greywater system. Greywater is waste water from kitchen sinks, showers, baths, and washing machines. It is not from toilets (toilet waste water is known as sewage or black water).

So you dig a huge hole and fill it in. We’ve filled it with scoria (volcanic rock material) and planted. The plants will use the food particles and other components of grey water that they need for their nutrients and growth (which is why you don’t use toilet water).

El Hubs then built two raised vegetable beds and a floating deck. Everything grows overnight here. We seeded some grass about two weeks ago and already it needs to be trimmed. The floating deck was built for us to have coffee and breakfast on but Zeph and Zsa Zsa have taken it over for sunbathing purposes 😉

Don’t remember digging such a big hole!

Zeph and Zsa Zsa enjoy the sun on the floating deck. Behind them, you can see the two vege boxes and the plants in the grey water system.