This blog started off as The Daily Oxford and was my online diary of living in a rural area in the South Island of New Zealand. After decades in urban Australia, I had a hissy fit and decided to move to NZ in May 2010.

We spent just under seven years in the South before deciding to move to the North Island. At first we weren’t sure where we’d like to move to, so we travelled all around the South Island and most of the North Island.

We settled on the Kapiti Coast, just out of Wellington, before changing our minds and deciding on the Far North region. As much as we liked the Kapiti, there is a major faultline running through this area and we’ve had enough of earthquakes, thanks.

The Far North doesn’t get earthquakes and the climate is sub-tropical. We moved in April 2017 and I’ve renamed the blog to Up North.

Up North is also the tale of my two English Pointers – Zeph and Zsa Zsa. They get up to all sorts of adventures and want to tell you all about them. So if you’re interested in English Pointers (the BEST dog breed), keep coming back.

Bit of legal stuff: all photos on this blog are taken by me, unless otherwise stated. So that means All Rights Reserved, which in plain English simply means you may not copy or reproduce my photos in any way without my permission. Please respect this.

You can also check out my photo blog, ChinchillaBluePhotography, by clicking on the blue icon (with the cute chinchilla) on the right hand side of this blog or click here. And my other blog ThinkingShift, which is a blog devoted to what interests me: privacy, civil liberties, global warming, politics and social issues. Click on the ThinkingShift icon on the right hand side of this blog or click here.

If you want to contact me, just leave a comment on any of my blogs.



6 Responses to “About Up North”

  1. Elinor Says:

    Hope you arent raining away….:)
    Blog looks great – cant wait to see what u do with the place!
    Whats your email adress?


  2. Heya back at you Elinor 🙂 we’re not flooded out….yet. See you at the property.

  3. Rachael Says:

    Here it is, December 14, 2012. I had somewhat forgotten about your blog, due to busy commitments at home and at school! What a treat this evening to stroll through your posts and read of Zephs and Zsa Zsa’s adventures! As owners of English pointers, Ben and Jingle, it’s good to know that the antics of this breed of dog are universally entertaining and hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Zeph and Zsa Zsa say they understand Rachael but do hope you come back to read about their adventures. Pointer Land is always full of fun and antics!! They say hello to Ben and Jingle.

  4. Good morning,
    I would like to publish one image that I found in your website. I would publish it in a book along with other pictures of shopping windows. The picture I am talking about is the first one featuring two mannequins at the following webpage I would of course cite the full source. Sorry for using the blog page to write to you about this but it is the only way I can get in touch. Could you please let me do it?
    Best regards,

  5. Glenus Johnson Says:

    Is this chickweed gel still available in Australia? Am desperately looking to buy some more. June 2017…

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