English Pointer

Zeph is a dog who knows he’s a handsome boy. The other day, I was sitting with my laptop on a table and next thing I know – a cute face and a wet nose appeared. Naturally, he was wondering when his dinner might be served LOL

His favourite place is on his pet bed in the sun. Just look at that pose! He’s saying I know. I’m very regal. And this is why we often call him King Zeph.


The Z team love the property, but sometimes only one of them comes for a walk with me. Zeph likes to walk down to the front gate and back up the looooong driveway. There’s the odd occasion when he stops and looks up, as if thinking not sure if I have the energy.

But then we get half-way up and can turn left to the building platform. The dogs love to sniff the earth that’s been moved around and Zeph particularly likes to stand on a certain mound and survey the district.

The big red barn you see in the photo below remains a conundrum – what to do with it? I’d love nothing more than to demolish it. El Hubs can see some usefulness if it is revamped. We both feel a bit reluctant to demolish it because the seller’s grandfather built it; and the seller lives right behind us and grazes our property. So we are respectful of its history. We think we’ll offer for him to demolish it and take what he wants. But, then again, El Hubs thinks he could turn it into a carport.

We found out today that the house frames should be delivered next Monday. The builder (next door neighbour) is poised and ready. Fingers crossed that we can get going on the house build.

Nothing happening this week, as I predicted. No sign of the frames, although the builder has been finding out what’s up. He’s been told they’re ready to go by end of June. We’ll see!

Meanwhile, a photo of sweet girl Zsa Zsa to keep us happy.

Well, looks like the house frames may not be ready by June 25. That’s when our builder arrives (by leaping over the fence since he’s our next door neighbour). So not quite sure what’s going on yet. The next few days will reveal all.

Meanwhile, I’ve had great news. My wonderful Aussie mate and my god-daughter have decided they are fed up waiting for me to visit Sydney again. They are coming here on September 29 and will stay until October 6. Unfortunately, there’s no room in The Shed for guests, but I recommended a great lodge that we stayed in several times on our scouting missions around the area.

My god-daughter we actually call my god-niece and I’m Auntie Kim. I last saw them both in 2013 – five years – and now Emily is nearly 7 years old. I’m bracing myself for the shock, although we’ve talked on Skype quite a few times.

I’m busy thinking of things we can all do from dolphin and whale cruises to visiting the local chocolate cafe (naturally!) to riding horses. Apparently, Emily wants to learn to ride. Really looking forward to their visit.

We are also thinking we might have to go to South Africa for Christmas. El Hubs has not seen his mum or sister since 2013 or his son (who lives in Brazil) and is thinking of also going to South Africa to visit the family. I think this would make it my sixth visit to South Africa. I’m really keen to go back to Madeira and also Lisbon. I’d like to visit Brazil again and we’ve talked about going to Peru with El Hubs’ son. All up in the air at the moment.

The Z Team continue to love the Far North and spend all their time outdoors. Except night-time of course. Zsa Zsa has a special place she likes to sit in the morning to soak up the sun.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa really love it up in the North Island. They spend far more time outdoors because the weather is usually great (putting aside the monsoonal rain we can get). We have a little patio area attached to The Shed and their pet beds are here for them to sit in the sun.

Have you ever heard the English Pointer howl? Zeph is a master at it, so I thought I’d link to a video of him doing his thing. He has different howls. The one you hear in the video is his I want to play howl or the I want to go for a walk howl. When Zeph howls, Zsa Zsa tries to accompany him but hers is more of a yap.

Zeph also knows how to pose for “dog portraits”. Loves his photo taken!

New Zealand has just entered winter (June 1) and so the weather is a little colder. But certainly not as cold as we experienced down South. The Z Team still like their blankets though.

Here is the Pointer howl.

And some photos of the Z Team. Enjoy!

We’re in a waiting phase at the moment. The concrete slab guy is booked to come back on May 29 and 30, so he can complete the polishing of the slab. We’ve had a fair bit of rain over the last two weeks or so, but the slab appears to have cured. So I think the job will be completed on May 30. I will bring you all the news and photos.

Meanwhile, our cows are waiting. And Zsa Zsa is waiting (in this case, for her dinner).


Zsa Zsa has a bit of a thing for butterflies, bees and wasps. She loves chasing white butterflies in the paddocks, and it’s very cute to see her leaping up trying to catch them. But honey bees and wasps? Ah, no.

I’ve planted bee-friendly flowers and I’m even attracting bumble bees now. Their low drone really gets Zsa Zsa going. If there are canine Olympics, she will win the high jumps.

Unfortunately, the whole district has a wasp problem. I’ll have to sort the wasps out before I start raising monarch butterflies. Wasps are predators and are responsible for the decline in monarch butterflies (bright orange and black butterfly). I’ve seen a few monarchs flitting on the flowers around The Shed, so we’ll have to deal with the wasps.

Meanwhile, I have to stop Zsa Zsa from leaping at bees and wasps!

Zsa Zsa stares at a wasp that is somewhere in my camellia bush.

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