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Zeph has always been fascinated by cows. Down South, we had about fourteen cows and he would visit them every day. Here we have more cows and the property behind us has a ton of cows and a whole lot of Spring calves.

Basically, at every fence on the property, Zeph has a chance to visit with cows and have a chat. There is one black cow he particularly likes. They touch noses through the fence (thankfully, not hot-wired).

They stare at each other, then inch closer towards the fence, then both of them stretch so that their noses are touching. The cow usually gets a fright and bolts, or Zeph barks and both of them bolt.

Too funny watching dog and cow antics. But it’s wonderful to see how animals interact.



What do you call it when a whole lot of bulls come together? A conference of bulls? This looks more like a flash mob.

I looked out the kitchen window of The Shed early the other morning and was greeted by this sight. Not sure what they were all planning or why they were looking towards the window. Probably they are just curious cows. Zeph has been very curious about them but came a little too close for comfort – and decided to run off.

Loyal readers (anyone?) will know that every year, I wait for the cherry blossom to bloom in our front yard. It is usually in full bloom by October 22 and it didn’t fail me this year.

I started to see tiny buds around October 14 or so and, for some reason, this always signals the start of the Spring/Summer season for me. The daffodils bloom earlier, as do other cherry blossoms on the property (which are much smaller trees). But I always anticipate the awakening of this soft pink cherry blossom.

The garden is looking very lush and green right now. Zeph and Zsa Zsa are enjoying time in the sun, snoozing on their pet beds.

It’s a lovely time of year.



A local farmer has just had large round bales of hay cut. So the three back paddocks have been closed for quite awhile, whilst the grass has been growing.

The day the hay was baled, Zeph and Zsa Zsa ran like lunatics in the paddocks. It was the first time in the paddocks for months. I love how Zsa Zsa’s ears are flopping as she runs wild and free.

Zeph was very keen to inspect the bales and even marked his territory on one LOL.

IMG_7594 IMG_7602

Had to show you another photo of the glorious cherry blossom. Since it only blossoms once a year, I’m getting all the photos I can.

This year, it seems to be a soft pink and white combination. I’m sure it’s always been this way, but I’m noticing more pale pink this time around. Sadly, I think this could be the last week it blooms. Let’s enjoy!


Only a few days ago, I told you that the cherry blossom in the front yard was waking up. Well, it’s now blooming and looking stunning in its pink and white glory. Such a shame it blossoms only once a year and for such a short time (about a week, maybe two).

So I’m rushing around taking photos and standing underneath it, so I can fully enjoy its beauty.

IMG_7220 IMG_7223

Regular readers know that every October, I wait for the cherry blossom in the front garden to awake from its Winter slumber. For me, it signals the start of warm weather. This week, I started to see buds and, a few days later, some blossoms.

The tree is not yet in full bloom and I’ll post a photo when that happens. In the meantime, there’s evidence of Spring all around!


Cherry Blossom is waking up!


No idea of the name of these flowers but they are a gorgeous fuchsia colour.


Quince tree.


Zeph is enjoying more time outdoors to explore.


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