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We’re in a waiting phase at the moment. The concrete slab guy is booked to come back on May 29 and 30, so he can complete the polishing of the slab. We’ve had a fair bit of rain over the last two weeks or so, but the slab appears to have cured. So I think the job will be completed on May 30. I will bring you all the news and photos.

Meanwhile, our cows are waiting. And Zsa Zsa is waiting (in this case, for her dinner).



When I first came to New Zealand I was told nope, no spiders here. Let me tell you there are indeed spiders in NZ, including the Australian redback which has apparently hitched a ride on cars brought over from Oz. I know the redback is in the Otago region, not so sure about the North Island.

Then there is the white-tailed spider and the katipō. This latter spider I hope to never meet up with as its bite is extremely dangerous. I can take comfort in the knowledge that the katipō is endangered and no deaths from its bite have been reported since 1901. However……

what friggin’ huge spider spun this web???

It has appeared in the last week, just outside the door to The Shed and near my lavender bushes. I took the photo above in the early morning and it is not doctored. I shot it in black and white.

I am keeping an eye on this web!!

Zeph likes cows. I often find him at a fence, sniffing noses with a cow or two. I was walking up the loooooong driveway on our property the other day and found Zeph just standing. Looking at what I don’t know. But right behind him is a herd of cows, continuing on up the hill. I suspect Zeph had just finished with the sniffing of noses business.

Been running around the property taking photos of trees and leaves – inspiration for a poetry contest I’m entering. I must say the quality of light in the North Island is really different from the South. It seems more subdued and it’s almost like there’s a silver haze in the air. Might need to go to SpecSavers!

In case you don’t know what this means – and I have run into a few people who don’t – it refers to the optical retail chain, Specsavers, and their very popular tagline, Should’ve gone to Specsavers. Meaning, I might need glasses.


Before we moved to New Zealand in 2010, I’d never met a single cow. Never patted one; never got up close to one. We had cows down south (Splash and Jack), along with the cows of the farmer who grazed with us. Splash and Jack didn’t come with us when we moved to the north island. They’ve stayed behind with the farmer and are doing very well we hear.

At the moment, we don’t have any of our own cows but we plan to get some in the near future. So I get to talk with and pat the cows who belong to the farmer who grazes our property. That’s the thing about rural New Zealand – if you have a large property, you usually have a farmer grazing animals, unless you have a ton of stock yourself.

One paddock is right next to the kitchen of The Shed. It’s fenced off but the cows love to stare into the kitchen window. The cow in the front of the photo below is my favourite. Such a curious animal. When we get up in the morning and let the Z Team out to do their business, that cow is standing right at the fence waiting. I say good morning to her and during the day, we have a chat whenever she is nearby. Come dusk, she hangs around the fence area and waits for a pat or two.

We are thinking of buying this cow from the farmer and having her as our house cow. She can provide manure for our garden, as well as raw milk.

What do you think? Isn’t that the sweetest face?!


Zeph has always been fascinated by cows. Down South, we had about fourteen cows and he would visit them every day. Here we have more cows and the property behind us has a ton of cows and a whole lot of Spring calves.

Basically, at every fence on the property, Zeph has a chance to visit with cows and have a chat. There is one black cow he particularly likes. They touch noses through the fence (thankfully, not hot-wired).

They stare at each other, then inch closer towards the fence, then both of them stretch so that their noses are touching. The cow usually gets a fright and bolts, or Zeph barks and both of them bolt.

Too funny watching dog and cow antics. But it’s wonderful to see how animals interact.


What do you call it when a whole lot of bulls come together? A conference of bulls? This looks more like a flash mob.

I looked out the kitchen window of The Shed early the other morning and was greeted by this sight. Not sure what they were all planning or why they were looking towards the window. Probably they are just curious cows. Zeph has been very curious about them but came a little too close for comfort – and decided to run off.

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