It’s just been snowing down south where we used to live. I think I’ve said it before: for the first year or so, snow was really magical for me. Coming from Sydney, where I was born and lived for a long time, I never saw snow (unless I travelled to Europe in their Winter or went to someplace in NSW like Cooma). When the snow melts though….nah. You also have to deal with feeding out in the middle of a snowstorm and breaking the ice on water troughs.

Over the years we lived in the South Island, we became used to it but I’m very happy to be here in the winterless Far North. El Hubs thinks it is cold here (albeit not as cold as the South); I don’t think it’s cold at all. Crisp in the mornings and evenings yes, but not bone-chilling like I’ve experienced.

My horses are still down South staying with a good friend. Miss Rosie is in foal and expecting in early December and Karma is keeping her company. My friend sent me a video of Rosie with the stallion she is obsessed with and I can’t stop watching it. Just magical the way the stallion moves and with the snow falling.

Press the play button and enjoy!


How good is Karma looking?! I visited her today at Fat Boot Camp. She’s been there six weeks now and will probably stay a few more weeks. She is ridden at least four times a week and reports are that she is a very well-behaved girl.

She was happy to see me and neighed when I said goodbye. I’ll visit again next weekend. Meanwhile, Miss Rosie and the Shire stallion are acting like an old married couple. We might know in the next three weeks if she is infoal or not.


You can see I’ve lost weight, right?


I don’t know what’s going on but this year we have grass – and I mean GRASS. Everywhere. Lush, long grass; short, Spring grass. With horses, particularly ponies, you have to worry about the Spring and Autumn (Fall) grass. It’s low in fibre, high in calories and protein, and is full of sugars. Horses can experience rapid weight gain and end up insulin resistant.

Normally, I put The Mares in the race, which is basically dirt and feed out hay twice a day. But this year, for whatever reason, the grass grew a lot in the race and, by the time we reached Spring, it was lush.

So I’ve sent Karma off to Fat Boot Camp. I really need to manage her weight and I have her grazing at a friend’s property. She’s eating dirt basically. Poor Karma: but she has lost weight.

I visited her yesterday. She seems happy and is certainly looking less voluptuous LOL. I think she’ll be there for 6-8 weeks. Saffy may be joining her soon.

I have three of my friend’s Shires grazing with me and one warmblood. They eat and eat but don’t seem to gain much weight. Karma would be VERY jealous.


I think I’m looking slimmer – what do you think?


I said in my last post that The Mares are at a friend’s property, well Karma and Miss Rosie. Saffy is still with me, grazing with four of my friend’s horses who came here on exchange (so to speak).

It appears that Miss Rosie is in love with a Shire stallion. They spend all their time together, grooming and staring into each other’s eyes LOL.

Isn’t this the cutest photo EVER?



No!! It’s been over a month since I last posted. I cannot believe it. It’s been a busy month I must say. I will try and get my act together and blog more.

Meanwhile, there’s been movement with The Mares. Miss Rosie has gone to a friend’s place to be with a Shire stallion. Yes, she will be having a foal. Rosie is half-Shire so the foal will be three-quarters Shire. Alas, the foal won’t get a passport. Shires have special passports that identify them because the breed is endangered.

Karma has also gone to my friend’s place because the grass on our property has exploded. Lush spring grass contains sugars that can result in an imbalance in a horse aka they get fizzy, spooky and fat.

So my friend and I decided it would be best for Karma to go to fat boot camp for six weeks. In return, I have three of her Shire horses grazing with me. No problems about the grass with them. One is a 10-month-old gray Shire – he will be an amazing stallion. I can’t get over how cute he is.

Saffy has remained with me and is grazing with the young fella and another Shire. Too funny to see tiny Saffy trying to groom a huge Shire.

For the first day or so, I felt sorry for Saffy as she clearly missed her mum, Karma, and her auntie, Rosie. But it’s also good for her to be in with a huge Shire mare, because Saffy needs to learn about horse hierarchy. Her mum dotes on her too much and Rosie is the only disciplinarian. Saffy has grown into a delightful young lady but…she can be headstrong.

I’ve noticed that the Shire mare has taken over as Boss Mare and Saffy is learning fast!



Before Karma went to boot camp, she told Zeph that she’d be back soon!









I love this photo of Zeph. I often find him sitting or standing, staring into space. Is he thinking of a juicy bone? Or wondering whether a pesky rabbit is lurking nearby?

On this occasion, I think he was hoping Saffy would ignore him as she was led back to the paddock, after being ridden by a young girl.

Saffy and Zeph get on very well but Saffy thinks she is boss mare. Sometimes she flattens her ears at Zeph and he’s smart enough to get out of her way fast.


Here is one of my beautiful horses (I have three mares). This is Miss Rosie. She’s a Shire X TB (for non-horsey people, that is a Shire crossed with a Thoroughbred).

Look at her eyes. That’s the thing about Miss Rosie: she has such kind eyes. In fact, she is a very affectionate horse and loves her cuddles.

I love the photos below of Miss Rosie with the young daughter of a friend.

Take the time to be with your horse and you experience amazing love and communication.

IMG_9010 IMG_9014 IMG_9017

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