Yes, well. Quite a few days of heavy rain, so the build did not start yesterday. Today is sunny – sort of – but then it clouds over and boom, rain.

The next few days are supposed to be sunny and the builder says it’s looking good. The frames have arrived and I’ll get photos as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, how bizarre!!! I saw this shape on the shower screen door the other day. El Hubs thinks it looks like a sheep. I think it looks like a rock art painting of a horse. Karma most likely 🙂

I didn’t touch it in any way. It’s a naturally-produced horse LOL


Argo is two months old today. He has the Shire look about him in the face – his Dad is a magnificent Shire stallion. Argo is starting to come out of his shell and is not so shy these days. Miss Rosie has turned out to be the perfect mum – calm and allowing her foal to explore and make mistakes (like sniffing the electric tape and getting a nose zap, oops).

Karma was also the perfect mum to Saffy, so I wonder if Rosie picked up mothering tips along the way, as the three girls were always together.

Miss Rosie is more intent on eating. Argo knows how to pose for the camera!

Ooh, a camera. Let me pose!

You see I have a Shire face?!

I mentioned recently that Miss Rosie had her foal and his name is Argo. He’s now six weeks old and I think will be a very big boy. He’s quite shy but is starting to come out of his shell.

A week or so ago, the farrier visited and Argo was introduced to the foal halter. A bit of rearing went on but he soon settled. He loves being in the paddock with the Big Horses.

Miss Rosie is a Shire x TB (or Shire and Thoroughbred mix) and Argo’s dad is a magnificent full Shire. You can see a video of him here. I often watch this video as the movement of this stallion is just so fluid, so majestic. And it’s such a magical landscape with all that snow. Can’t wait to see how Argo reacts when he experiences his first snow fall. He was a bit stressed out with recent rain, wondering what on earth all that wet stuff was on his coat LOL


There’s a lot to do when you move. We still haven’t unpacked everything and don’t plan to. We’ll wait until the house is built in 2018. Meanwhile, we’ve been steadily planting around The Shed and El Hubs has been designing the house and running the gauntlet of Local Council regulations and restrictions. I think it’s today that our plans go into Council. We wanted to get them in before Christmas.

So…eight months now in the Far North. It’s heating up I must say. Summer is here. But the mornings and nights are cool-ish, which is lovely. I far prefer the North to the South Island. The people are a lot friendlier and less reserved. This is not to say that I didn’t like the South Island but the two islands are quite different.

I’ve been super-busy with writing and planning next year’s goals. Hence, my quietness on this blog. I do have some news though. Miss Rosie has had her foal – a beautiful colt!!! And we’ve found the most wonderful kennels for Zeph and Zsa Zsa. The owner absolutely adores Zsa Zsa and tucks her in at night. So far, they’ve spent two weeks there over the last eight months. When we have trucks and equipment on the property (preparing the building platform), we prefer to have the Z Team at the kennels so they are safe.

The lady who runs the kennels offers farm walks. She makes sure dogs are socialised first before she takes them out together. The Z Team cannot get enough of these walks and the owner takes photos of them for me and her FB page. She thinks Zeph is magnificent. Well, he is LOL. This is by far the best kennels we’ve experienced and this, at least, has eased our minds should we go overseas in 2018.

Can you believe I have not travelled out of NZ since 2014? El Hubs has not seen his son since 2012. He now lives in Brazil, so we are considering a trip to see him next year but he wants us to go to Japan in 2019 for the Rugby World Cup. Then he’s thinking of coming back to NZ with us to stay for a few months. We also need to go to South Africa to see the family. Haven’t been there since 2013. Who knows where we’ll be going next year.

I’m excited for 2018. I think I’ve said a few times that I don’t like uneven-numbered years. 2017 has been a bit gruelling what with selling the house, moving to the North Island, establishing ourselves here, waiting for Miss Rosie’s foal and hoping for a safe birth and so on.

But 2017 is nearly over and here’s to 2018!!! Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of Zeph and Zsa Zsa running wild and free on a farm walk and Argo, Miss Rosie’s new foal.


It’s just been snowing down south where we used to live. I think I’ve said it before: for the first year or so, snow was really magical for me. Coming from Sydney, where I was born and lived for a long time, I never saw snow (unless I travelled to Europe in their Winter or went to someplace in NSW like Cooma). When the snow melts though….nah. You also have to deal with feeding out in the middle of a snowstorm and breaking the ice on water troughs.

Over the years we lived in the South Island, we became used to it but I’m very happy to be here in the winterless Far North. El Hubs thinks it is cold here (albeit not as cold as the South); I don’t think it’s cold at all. Crisp in the mornings and evenings yes, but not bone-chilling like I’ve experienced.

My horses are still down South staying with a good friend. Miss Rosie is in foal and expecting in early December and Karma is keeping her company. My friend sent me a video of Rosie with the stallion she is obsessed with and I can’t stop watching it. Just magical the way the stallion moves and with the snow falling.

Press the play button and enjoy!

How good is Karma looking?! I visited her today at Fat Boot Camp. She’s been there six weeks now and will probably stay a few more weeks. She is ridden at least four times a week and reports are that she is a very well-behaved girl.

She was happy to see me and neighed when I said goodbye. I’ll visit again next weekend. Meanwhile, Miss Rosie and the Shire stallion are acting like an old married couple. We might know in the next three weeks if she is infoal or not.


You can see I’ve lost weight, right?


I don’t know what’s going on but this year we have grass – and I mean GRASS. Everywhere. Lush, long grass; short, Spring grass. With horses, particularly ponies, you have to worry about the Spring and Autumn (Fall) grass. It’s low in fibre, high in calories and protein, and is full of sugars. Horses can experience rapid weight gain and end up insulin resistant.

Normally, I put The Mares in the race, which is basically dirt and feed out hay twice a day. But this year, for whatever reason, the grass grew a lot in the race and, by the time we reached Spring, it was lush.

So I’ve sent Karma off to Fat Boot Camp. I really need to manage her weight and I have her grazing at a friend’s property. She’s eating dirt basically. Poor Karma: but she has lost weight.

I visited her yesterday. She seems happy and is certainly looking less voluptuous LOL. I think she’ll be there for 6-8 weeks. Saffy may be joining her soon.

I have three of my friend’s Shires grazing with me and one warmblood. They eat and eat but don’t seem to gain much weight. Karma would be VERY jealous.


I think I’m looking slimmer – what do you think?


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