And speaking of my birthday as I was yesterday, I received more great gifts. Zeph and Zsa Zsa presented me with a slow cooker. Yeegads people: if only you knew! All my life, I have really tried to avoid cooking. Apart from a short stint as a teenager, when I used to cook with my dad, I’ve not been known for my culinary abilities. But since taking a “career break” and moving to wonderful New Zealand, I have become familiar with the kitchen.

I’ve noticed that slow cookers seem to be a big thing here. Isn’t a slow cooker simply a reincarnation of that icon of the 1970s – the Crockpot? Or was the crockpot a clever renaming of the slow cooker? I remember my dad’s crockpot. It was a burnt orange colour (mind you, wasn’t everything in the 70s a burnt orange colour?). So when Zeph and Zsa Zsa asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I thought I’d ask for a slow cooker largely because I’m such a lazy cook. I figure if you can toss everything into one gigantic pot and leave it to cook away for 6-8 hours – bonus! So they bought me a Russell Hobbs 6.5 litre slow cooker and two recipe books.

Hubby excelled himself and bought me a gorgeous silver mesh bracelet studded with black stones and beads. It’s by Louis Thompson, not sure who he is but love, love, love the bracelet.

Zsa Zsa posing with the gorgeous fuschia and black bag the bracelet came in.

Louis Thompson bracelet.

Cookbook for slow cookers – best recipes.

Second cookbook.

Russell Hobbs 6.5L slow cooker.

Hubby is cooking my birthday dinner – Moroccan Honey Spiced Lamb.