Zsa Zsa is NOT happy at all. One thing she dislikes is the quad bike. Oh and also the tractor. Oh and the motor mower. And…well, basically anything loud.

But it’s the quad bike she dislikes the most. The moment it gets going, she rushes into the house and does not reappear until the quad has been parked and turned off.

I’ve been trying to desensitize her but to no avail. Our friend with the five Pointers was over the other day and she brought along one of her dogs, Peaches, to play with Zeph and Zsa Zsa. It was fun dog play until….El Hubs decided to fire up the quad bike to get going on the clean up.

Oh, did I tell you we just survived the WORST wind storm to hit this area of New Zealand in forty years? Yep. We had 100kmh winds and it was one hell of a day and night let me tell you. Regular readers would know that we’ve been buffeted by a number of wind storms over the last two years or so. I’m getting pretty sick of it. We lost five trees in this latest blast and we were very lucky.

A few days after the winds, I went to the local stockfeeds and saw the devastation along the way. Huge trees lying on the roadside and an entire pine forest flattened. A local farmer told us that a couple had planted this forest for their retirement. We lost power for around 24 hours but friends of ours didn’t have power for over one week. And they also lost over 100 trees.

Where was I? Ah, Zsa Zsa. So our friend plonked the little diva dog on the quad bike and reassured her. They took off slowly and I thought Zsa Zsa would be frightened and struggle to get off the bike. But no, she bravely clung on and went for a ride around a paddock. Once the quad stopped though, she was off like a flash LOL.


Zeph can’t wait for Peaches to get out of the car so they can play.


You can see the look on Zsa Zsa’s face. NOT happy.